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Come design your own fused glass ornements. You will get 3 different glass blanks to design or one 5 inch circle to embellish with frit, stringers and glass pebbles. No cutting. After kiln firing (off site) Jeanne will drill a hole so you can hang your beautiful creation on your tree. Great gift ideas. Fired ornaments will be returned to the store for pick up approximately 1- 2 weeks after class. Price is $45 and includes all supplies, off site kiln firing and drilling .
Space is limited to 6 per session 10:15 or the12:15  

Each session lasts about 1 1/2 hours

Held at Morning Dew Creations- 111 N, Rochester St Mukwanago WI 53419

Fused Glass Ornament Workshop- Mukwonago WI

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