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Thanks for Shopping at Shimmering Glass. We promise to do our best to make sure every purchase you make is a smooth and problem free. Please contact us if you have questions or need help for anything related to your visit to Shimmering Glass.


All Major Credit Cards are accepted thru Pay Pal and Square the two payment services we use at Shimmering Glass.

We will accept Money Orders or Cashiers Checks if needed, however, your shipment will be not sent until payment has been received and processed. Honestly, Credit Cards are the most secure and problem free way to go


All shipping, handling and insurance charges are included with every purchase. No add on costs will be applied after your purchase.

Shipping will be done via UPS or USPS. Shimmering Glass usually double boxes everything we send to insure it arrives safe and sound, but in case you do receive broken merchandise, let us know and will process the claim for you.


In all the years we have run Shimmering Glass, we hve never been asked to accept a return, however, we will be willing to return merchandise if you have feel we have not been fully truthful in our description of the products at Shimmering Glass or there is some other problem you feel that effects the quality of the glass purchase you have made.

Contact us with a description of your problem and we promise to work with you to a satisfactory conclusion. You will be responsible for any return shipping fees that may be necessary and a  $5 restocking fee on all items under $25, $10 on all items under $75 and $20 on all items over $75 will be applied with your return.


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