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 A long time ago and not so very far away (West Milwaukee, Wisconsin of all places) A wife (Jeanne) told her loving husband (Richard) that she always wanted to work with fused glass. She wanted to create fused glass plates by cutting and fusing pieces of glass into new works of fused glass art. So, being the ever vigilant, loving husband that he was, Richard bought his darling wife Jeanne a kiln for Christmas.


 The darling wife was in heaven. She instantly began making small pieces of fused glass jewelry, vases, fused glass plates and fused glass bowls - and found she was hooked! Jeanne also colaborated with her sister (a master Goldsmith) and created some one of kind pieces of fused glass jewelry featuring shimmering sterling silver settings. Not thin and unimpressive settings either. Rich, silver settings that created new fused glass sterling sliver heirlooms for anyone who loved fused glass jewelry.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Shimmering Glass is a husband and wife team who love working with fused glass. Our journey into warm glass began as a dream - morphed into an argument and blossomed into a love story.

 You think this is the story of Fused Glass Plates, Fused Glass Dishes, Fused Glass Bowls or Fused Glass Vases - what about Fused Glass Jewelry? Yes, it is about all of these things - but the story of Shimmering Glass is much more than just a store about fused glass Plates, it is more a story about love and sacrifice. Giving and Caring and yes, fusing too - let's not forget fusing - because that is how it all begain.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you will come back often and tell all your friends about Shimmering Glass!

Who is Shimmering Glass?

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