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Flower Design Fused Glass Dish

One of the amazing things about working with Fused Glass is that mistakes often become works of art and even sometimes masterpieces.

Glass, drop it and it breaks into a thousand pieces. Fuse it  and a thousand pieces becomes one. Many times we have fused glass and something happens during the slump or even after the slump we drop the glass and suddenly all that work is lost. But with fused glass, you always take a piece (or pieces) of glass and fuse them into a new pattern or design to create a shape you ultimately can slump into a new work of fused glass art.

Many of the fused glass dishes we have at Shimmering Glass were created this way. Don’t get me wrong, there are also quite a few very beautiful pieces of fused glass art that was planned beginning to end. A specific shape, style or design was fused and ultimately slumped to create a one of a kind work of fused glass art.

Then sometimes when glass breaks or when we have a lot of small pieces of glass, we will fuse these into a new piece of glass with either an artistic or abstract design. The shape of the dish we want to create will help determine the best design for the piece of fused glass we need – but as you can see by visting the Shimmering Glass Shop we have many different shapes, designs, styles and sizes of fused glass dishes. Functional Fused Glass art at its best from Shimmering Glass.