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Fused Glass Bowls

Fused Glass Bowls

Shimmering Glass is proud to present our Fused Glass Bowls. Round, square, octagonal, shallow, deep, well, you get the picture. There is a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs in fused glass. Functional Fused Glass art at it's best. Geometric patterns, artistic designs, abstract art in fused glass. 

When we begin to create a fused glass bowl at Shimmering Glass we first work on the concept of the design. The shape of the bowl helps to determine what functional uses the bowl will offer, will it be a fused glass bowl that is round, square or octagonal? We love to experiment with new designs and patterns at Shimmering Glass, often taking what you may see around the house in some other form like a quilt or piece of stained glass. We work with the design to create something fresh, new and unique.


There are many different types of glass that can be used when creating fused glass art. Dichroic glass adds a special splash of electricfied color, iridized glass brings a shimmering effect that dances in light with highlights of color that shift and change and sometimes simply fusing clear glass over the design, will add depth and dimension to the glass, giving you a feeling you can reach right into the design with your fingers.

 Fused Glass Bowls from Shimmering Glass come in many different sizes; 3 inches to over 14 inches round to our 12 inch square and octagonal fused glass bowls. The different shapes help create a different fused glass bowl for every occasion.

The fused glass bowls from Shimmering Glass look great on their own as centerpiece for a dinner party or as a design accent in your dinning room or living room. Notch it up a bit and use a work of fused glass art to serve family and friends at your next dinner party or family get together.

Then there are our fused glass drop bowls. We really push the envelope with this very special type of fused glass bowl. Drop bowls are created much the same way that fused glass drop vases are created. You place the piece of round or square fused glass on top of a mold with a  hole in the center. After heating the glass slowly to around 1325 degrees, the glass begins to soften and stretch thru the hole in the center of mold.

Fused glass drop bowls can be made to be used with a display stand or can be dropped to form a more traditional bowl shape. Depending on how high we want the bowl to be we allow the glass to stretch until it reaches the floor of the kiln and form a flat bottom. Taller bowls require thick fused glass to begin with and the mold needs to be placed on supports to add height during the drop process.


Whatever pattern, style or design you choose, you can be sure that every piece of fused glass art from Shimmering Glass is one of a kind and designed with the goal of putting a little shimmer into your life!











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