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 Shimmering Glass welcomes your thoughts and comments about your our fused glass bowls, plates, dishes and jewelry and most importantly about your experiences working with us. Please use this page to tell us your thoughts.



Quotes The custom fused glass panels you created are fantastic and the customer service and follow up were equally great! Quotes

Quotes I saw a couple of your pieces in the Slumpworks gallery and just wanted to say that I love your stuff! Quotes
Love your Stuff!

Quotes I LOVE shimmering glass!!! I always do some Christmas shopping at Shimmering glass! I love shopping for weddiing and birthday gifts as well. Going away gifts, too! I have many items at home, too. I have a vase, serving dishes, and jewelry, too. I just LOVE Shimmeringglass!!!!!!! Quotes
Paula Strehlow
Very Happy Customer!!!!!!

Quotes One of Richard and Jeanne's beautiful bowls has sat on my Tokyo kitchen counter for three years now. It's a perfect fruit/veg bowl. Above me as I write is a wonderful wall vase. Both things will move with me to Bangkok next month! An appreciative customer. Quotes
Mike Worman

Quotes It's a lovely thing to receive and much appreciated. If only so many other businesses had your type of customer care, the world would be far better for it. Once again, thank you so much Quotes
Satisfied Customer!

Quotes My beautiful bowl arrived intact to my home in Galway, Ireland. I was totally impressed by your care and service to me and this bowl now holds tremendous sentimental value for me. Thank you so much! Kind Regards Dolores D. Quotes
Delores D.
Galway, Ireland - Fused Glass Bowl

Quotes I have to tell you, my wife and I bought a fused glass bowl the other day, one of the GEOMETRIC designs - well, we entertain a lot and I can't tell you how many people are just amazed - blown away is a better word - they love it - almost as much as we do. Just wanted to say Thank you! Keep up the great work. Quotes
Jim and Lori
Geometric design

Quotes WOW! You guys are absolutely incredible. I LOVE your artwork! So fresh and different. BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work Quotes

Quotes I love it!!! I'm excited. Thank you for making another of your beautiful pieces specifically for me. I sincerely appreciate it. Jane Quotes
Thank you for the fused glass dish

Quotes I can't tell you how happy we are with the beautiful fused glass vase! I placed it on the table in front of the living room window and the way light comes thru and almost seems to light up the vase is amazing. Funny, but it seems to change at different times of day depending on where the sun is and the amount of light coming thru. I just can't tell you how pleased we are. Thank you so much! Quotes
Mary Ann