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Posted on February 20, 2010 at 1:05 PM

I love creating fused glass drop vases - I think what I like the most is  how different easy piece is - even when working with similar types of glass. Dropping glass - a style of slumping glass - is done by placing the the fused glass piece you are working with on a mold with a hole in the center  to a temperature of about 1310 to 1350 degrees, as the glass becomes softer it begins to stretch thru the hole in the mold. Depending on how far you want to stretch the glass and whether you want a a flat bottom to create a self standing piece of a more rounded bottom, the length of time you 'drop' the glass varies greatly.


The size of the glass you are dropping, the diameter of the hole you are dropping thru also play a role in how long it takes. I have done several drop vases that took over 2 hours at 1325 degrees. The initial thought is maybe I should simply go to a higher temperature, but that doesn't always help as it can make the glass stretch too fast.


I also like to try new things, like using different shaped molds, adding fiber rope or felt to the mold to create undulating shapes and also use different shapes of glass, round, square, pieces of fused glass with 'fingers' of glass. There are so many possiblities - and the end result can be really quite amazing. Check out our collection of Fused Glass Drop Vases in the Shimmering Glass Shop -

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