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 Who is Shimmering Glass - Thank you for visiting our web site. Shimmering Glass is a husband and wife team who love working with fused glass. Our journey into warm glass began as a dream - morphed into an argument and blossomed into a love story.

 You think this is the story of Fused Glass Plates, Fused Glass Dishes, Fused Glass Bowls or Fused Glass Vases - what about Fused Glass Jewelry? Yes, it is about all of these things - but the story of Shimmering Glass is much more than just a store about fused glass Plates, it is more a story about love and sacrifice. Giving and Caring and yes, fusing too - let's not forget fusing - because that is how it all begain.

 A long time ago and not so very far away (West Milwaukee, Wisconsin of all places) A wife (Jeanne) told her loving husband (Richard) that she always wanted to work with fused glass. She wanted to create fused glass plates by cutting and fusing pieces of glass into new works of fused glass art. So, being the ever vigilant, loving husband that he was, Richard bought his darling wife Jeanne a kiln for Christmas.

 The darling wife was in heaven. She instantly began making small pieces of fused glass jewelry, vases, fused glass plates and fused glass bowls - and found she was hooked! Jeanne also colaborated with her sister (a master Goldsmith) and created some one of kind pieces of fused glass jewelry featuring shimmering sterling silver settings. Not thin and unimpressive settings either. Rich, silver settings that created new fused glass sterling sliver heirlooms for anyone who loved fused glass jewelry.

Soon, the loving husband started also playing around with fusing glass - the first few attempts were nothing less than humorous, but in time, he too found his niche and began making some lovely pieces - with a particular love for fused glass vases, fused glass drop vases and now Fused Glass Ribbon vases. 

 But there was trouble brewing in paradise - the kiln was only so big and with two creative people both wanting to get their pieces in the kiln at the same time, well suffice it to say all was not well in West Milwaukee 

The loving husband, wanting to return to the state of marital happiness had a brilliant idea;  "GET A BIGGER KILN!"! So, with the help of a few piano movers, a very large and really very heavy kiln was delivered one day and, smiles all around, this West Milwaukee household returned to a state of wedded bliss.

 The loving husband and his darling wife commenced to working side by side creating lovely works of functional fused glass art. Wonderful and unique artistic designs in fused glass, geometric and abstract patterns in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

 There are occasional "tussles' about who should get room int the kiln for their piece, or who has more room than the other

but by and large this loving couple found they loved working together and enjoyed pushing each other to new heights of creativity, pushing the envelope and trying new techniques, developing unique fused glass creations.

You would thank that was the end of the story, but it really has only just begun! This loving, kind and giving couple also turned out to be quite prolific - and soon, their home was bursting at the seems with beautiful works of fused glass art;

fused glass vases shimmering with color, dazzling fused glass jewelry exploding with electrified colors of dichroic glass, brilliantly colored fused glass bowls and plates with amazing artistic designs , geometric and abstract patterns.

 Friends and family were really quite amazed and the loving couple were happy - but completely overwhelmed with all the fused glass art in their home. Many pieces were given away to family and friends but soon their homes were also filled to the rafters. So, the husband and wife decided to share their works of fused glass art, these beautiful fused glass creations with their world, and Voila', Shimmering Glass was born!

 Shimmering Glass, a menagerie of one of a kind creations of fused glass. Luscious Fused Glass Jewelry featuring dichroic and iridized glass - shimmering with colors!

 Fused Glass Vases, handkerchief vases that look like tissues pulled from a box, Ribbon Vases that feature glass in an almost liquid like, flowing movement. Fused Glass bowls and plates with fun geometric and artistic patterns and designs. Fused Glass dishes with lovely floral designs. A veritable cornucopia of fused glass! Best of all, we believe in keeping our prices for fused glass art very reasonable and affordable so everyone can afford to bring the shimmering, dazzling works of fused glass art into their home or office.


Take your time 'browsing' the shelves inside the Shimmering Glass shop. We hope you find a piece of fused glass that calls out to you - and we are happy to talk to you about creating a custom work of fused glass art to meet your needs and wants. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, let us know! We're more than willing to work with you to create a custom designed work of fused glass art based on your specific requirements.

 Thanks for listening and thank you even more for stopping by. We hope you will tell all your friends about us and we hope you will keep coming back for more. We are constantly working on new works of fused glass art, so come back often and soon you will be able to put a little "shimmer" into your life from Shimmering Glass! 

Shimmering Glass is proud to present a wide variety of fused glass art. You will find one of a kind fused glass plates and dishes featuring abstract and artistic designs. Fused Glass Bowls that offer geometric patterns and shapes. Functional Fused Glass art for the home or office. Take home a piece of Shimmering Glass Fused Glass today!



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  • "One of Richard and Jeanne's beautiful bowls has sat on my Tokyo kitchen counter for three years now. It's a perfect fruit/veg bowl. Above me as I write is a wonderful wall vas..."
    Mike Worman

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